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The Toxic Record Shop is a New Age Record Label with a diverse group of artists. That being said we are always looking for new music to distribute for you free of charge and do some minor promotion for you. We will get your finished tracks up on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, and all other available music platforms. We can make YouTube videos for each of your songs and monetize that for you and we will give you access to your accounts involving revenue and streams. You own %100 of your music rights we just charge a .09 of revenue collected to maintain your accounts and distribute your music for you! We also do artwork design and are open minded to doing anything possible to further you as a musician and maybe get you to another label that can support you on the next level. We do not sign a contract so you can leave anytime you want! 

Submit your demos to

We are in search of authentic music that can help us infect the music scene with good music again! Cure da Curse

Toxic Records

Young Pac - African Eclipse

Young Pac - Poor & Happy

Moses D - House of Wisdom

Rawrwar - The Pavement is Dry

Rawrwar - Wounded

Minty Betrayal - We Tried

Prozee - Ready

Nhlokomo - Hakuna Matata

Nhlokomo - Ganja Brain

Nhlokomo - Hakuna Matata (Chapter 2)

Bradley J McDonald - Eye See

Bradley J McDonald - White House on the Hill (Acoustic EP)

Bradley J McDonald - Satisfaction Guaranteed


Copyright © 2017 The Toxic Record Shop - All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2017 The Toxic Record Shop - All Rights Reserved.