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The Toxic Record Shop is a New Age Record Label with a diverse group of artists. That being said we are always looking for new music to distribute for you free of charge and do some minor promotion for you. We will get your finished tracks up on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, and all other available music platforms. We can make YouTube videos for each of your songs and monetize that for you and we will give you access to your accounts involving revenue and streams. You own %100 of your music rights we just charge a .09 of revenue collected to maintain your accounts and distribute your music for you! We also do artwork design and are open minded to doing anything possible to further you as a musician and maybe get you to another label that can support you on the next level. We do not sign a contract so you can leave anytime you want! 

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We are in search of authentic music that can help us infect the music scene with good music again! Cure da Curse

                    Our Artists

Young PAc

Having roots in Guinea Bissau, located on the west side of Africa. A local born in the city of Bissau in district named Cintra. Young Pac will have you believing in the grassroots uprising that so silently sat untapped in Hip Hop for years after Tupac died. He will not disappoint with his music and represents Africa with his authentic lyrics that integrate western Hip Hop with eastern African Hip Hop. The fact that he has strong roots in Africa shows in his lyrical expression of himself. Not only does Young Pac create music in English he is working on two EP albums one in Portuguese, and one in Cirta which is a local language that was birthed during the Punic wars in Africa in 264-146 BC. Young Pac is currently working solo on his music and hopes to invigorate an ever so stagnant Hip Hop scene which he believes will slowly rot while completely losing all the real aspects it has. Truly losing Hip Hops first true purpose which was to change socio-political problems in the world. Keep updated on this up and coming artist and get his new album when it comes out, support Africa in a better way than some corrupted government charity. Bring back money and the disappearing culture to Africa by supporting someone who will bring so much back to his community. Young Pac is his name and once you hear his music you won’t ever forget it. Young Pac is currently releasing his debut album in 2018 through The Toxic Record Shop called "African Eclipse".





Rawrwar is a solo singer songwriter that hails in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Caught up in the rugged Alberta Alternative Rock scene, he sure brings an authentic style of music to the table. In the process of creating his first album, he has kept people up to date with excellent quality demos with pristine video quality. You can not disrupt the flow of this artist no matter how hard you try. Watch him Rawr and start a war with his well practiced vocals and intriquit guitar that has been practiced over countless years. Rawrwar will leave you wondering if punk rock is truly dead. His new album will arrive around January or February of 2018, which will be a detrimental time in society and pop culture. Working with The Toxic Record Shop a new record label, he will have the best music distribution and reach that an unsigned artist could have without signing a deal. Stay tuned for a one of a kind truly authentic album that will be sure to get intrigued and wanting more. 




Bradley J. McDonald


Bradley is a Canadian musician that goes out of the universe to write his music. He comes back to earth so he can get people on his wavelength. A mixture of alternative rock, folk, grunge, and a touch of reggae makes his music one of a kind! Inspired to do something with his random songs after visiting Jamaica for a month and seeing the music culture. Realizing life is short and his first album "Eye See" was ready. Every reality has a way of artistic representation. His music shines light to his thoughts, experiences and culture he has experienced at home and abroad. Sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear, but Bradley makes it sound so beautiful. His songs are very lyrical and thought provoking, the first album was just his debut into the music world with only room to improve. Growing up around musicians it has turned into his biggest passion in life and takes it as a serious way to send a message through or just express yourself as a human being! Listen to his truths and you decide if he's out of this world...Or just a beautiful mind!



Mr. S. Blessa

This youth is sure to impress you with his flow, and charisma. Mr S. Blessa released his debut single "For My Friends" in early 2018. He has much anticipated music coming your way. That being said he is a perfectionist and is waiting for perfection in his music for it to be released! Mr. S. Blessa (Junior) is working on his music career in Africa among an up and coming African Hip Hop scene. You can find his debut single on Spotify, Itunes, and Amazon. He has the backing of The Toxic Record Shop behind him and is sure to release some new music soon! The world is waiting for his debut album as he cooks up the tracks in the studio. Listen to his debut single "For My Friends" now! Support local African talent! Bring some success to this youth who is the "Lion with the biggest mane".  











This man cooks up them tracks with some Ganja sprinkled into every song! Releasing his debut album "Ganja Brain" he created his own style of music where each song in the whole album follows certain themes but are separate totally unique tracks. He has a very spiritual vibe in his music and truly represents the underground herb scene of Johannesburg. Find him cooking up tracks with that Ganja as his fire and his authentic voice as the food for all his Ganja fans. Ganja Brain productions is the team he works with having many featuring artists in his album. His newest content he featured with another South African artist Prozee. Lets keep this uprising rising and push for these kind of authentic underground artists success. Nhlokomo is a one of a kind cooker with all his tracks being fyah. 






Moses D


Moses D is a Jamaican born reggae musician from Portland, that currently resides in Toronto in eastern Canada. His dance hall style is quickly noticed in his tracks with some real roots to them as well. He sings in his native Patwah and truly brings the true culture of Jamaica over to Canada! He Is currently working with The Toxic Record Label to officially release his first album. You can expect the full album early 2018! His music comes from a natural place and is not forced at all coming out in the studio. Let's see if Moses D can bring the roots of reggae to a western society and teach people here of the philosophy of reggae. His music will sure bring people in and unite people as they dance and reason to his music. With almost a vibe like Popcaan he know how to utilize his voice and stretch it to the limits. Stay tuned for a historic album that will leave babylon shaking in it's boots. One Love!





Prozee is ready with a fully loaded album as his weapon of choice. Johannesburg was lucky the day this Prozee was born, little did they know a hustler so skilled would come and conquer the scene. His hit single "Used to That" had an official music video released for it, with flawless flow. Prozee will tell you one time how it is in the place he comes from. His music and talent is refined and perfected which is hard to come by these days. This artist has truly made himself a name for himself in the African Hip Hop scene and hustles in the studio with fyah and flow. His debut album "Ready" is sure to give you goosebumps from his immaculate flow. He is a player destined to play the game better than the rest. If his first album was that good, what can we expect from the next?  


Copyright © 2017 The Toxic Record Shop - All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2017 The Toxic Record Shop - All Rights Reserved.